Taughannock Falls

Since the last ice age Taughannock Falls has been receding from Cayuga Lake. As you stand and watch, you can see stone fall as the canyon grows.

Taughannock Falls

2 Responses to “Taughannock Falls”

  1. Dan Creighton:

    Great b&w tones as usual. Amazing how that thin ribbon of water was at one time powerful enough to carve out that big gorge in front of your camera.

  2. One of my favorite spots in the Finger Lakes. I always loved hiking here when I used to live in upstate NY. Great tones here and perspective here, Matt. This is a classic example of what we geologists call a “hanging valley”. The amphitheater was carved as much by the freezing/thawing and spalling of the rock as by erosion from the stream flowing through it.